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Technical Information
On this page, you will find detailed information on the tools I use in my different activities.

Service Management
Action Request System (ARS). ARS is a workflow engine designed by Remedy. This development tool is based on SQL databases, and has been designed to create workflow that matches Business rules and processes.

IT Service Management (ITSM). ITSM is a module based application designed by Remedy on ARS for service management applying best practices as described in ITIL. ITSM is made of modules Remedy HelpDesk, Remedy Asset Management, Remedy Change Management, and Remedy Service Level Agreement.

IT for Service Providers (ITSP). ITSP is a complete application by Remedy on ARS, integrating all best practices from ITIL. ITSP is definitely designed for Service Providers, including multi-client row level access data control.

BMC Service Desk. BMC Service Desk is Small to Mid-Business Service Management solution 100% web-based. BMC Service Desk is fully customizable to meet business requirements and integrates ITIL best practices.

ServiceCenter. ServiceCenter is the flagship application designed by Peregrine Systems for Service Management. Fully ITIL compliant, ServiceCenter integrates modules such as Call Management, Incident Management , Problem Management, Change Management, Asset Management and Service Level Agreement.

AssetCenter. AssetCenter is the flagship application designed by Peregrine Systems for Asset Life-cycle Management. It integrates a customizable graphical workflow engine to empower internal processes in domains linked to the asset life-cycle (procurement, change requests, end of life management).

Connect-It. Connect-It is a Peregrine Systems interface management tools. Connect-It is used to create interface scenarios to exchange data between Peregrine applications to 3rd party applications (databases, ERDs, monitoring tools, etc...)

Multimedia Creation
Final Cut Pro. Final Cut Pro is a leading non-linear editing tool for professional film editing. Final Cut Pro integrates HDV footage editing and RT Extreme for real-time effects playback.

Motion. Motion is a real-time animation tool used to create incredibly powerful animations and DVD menus. Motion integrates powerful text animation effects, outstanding visual filters and behaviors, and is extendable with 3rd party plugins.

Soundtrack Pro. Soundtrack Pro is a leading application for soundtrack creation and mixing. Soundtrack Pro integrates tools for fixing most common problems on sound files such as clicks and pops. With the usage of a sound print, Soundtrack Pro is able to remove undesired sounds in a file.

DVD Studio Pro. DVD Studio Pro is one of the leading application for DVD authoring. Used by the greatest movie studios, DVD Studio Pro gives the ability to create great DVDs with multi-layered menus, multiple soundtracks and subtitles and multi-camera angles. A powerful scripting tool enable even more complex DVD creation.

Shake. Shake is an amazing post-processing node based compositing tool used to create incredibly powerful visual effects. The node based architecture of Shake enables the creation of very complex compositing in a very easy and quick way.

Gimp. Gimp is a 2d drawing tool very similar to Adobe Photoshop, but completely free as it is open source. Gimp works with layers and filters to create very beautiful 2d compositions.

Animation Master. Animation Master is a NURBS based 3d package specially designed for character animation. Animation Master integrates Motion Capture scripts, and adapt the kinematic to hierarchically organized bones.

Blender. Blender is an open source 3d package including most of the actual 3d technics (mesh modeling, box modeling, NURBS, Bˇzier curves, proportional editing and subsurface modeling). Used with Yafray ray-tracer, Blender is able to create 3d worlds with impact, including rendering technics such as Global Illumination, ambient occlusion and caustics.

Silo. Silo is a powerful subsurface modeler. Fully customizable, Silo adapt itself to the needs of modern 3d artists. It uses box modeling as primary modeling technic. Silo offers easy integration with most of the actual renderers.

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